VO Remedies.

 February 14, 2008
Posted by Kitzie Stern

Most voice talent I know have remedies for things that normal people probably don’t even think of. Clicks and pops (the dreaded mouth noise). Raspy throat. Nasal sound (like during & after a cold). Stomach grumbles during a long narration. Noisy clothes (if you’re a normal person you probably just said “. . .noisy clothes?”) Yes, VOs need soft clothes that don’t make noise . . . microphones are really sensitive. Likewise squeaky shoes.

But back to remedies. I’ve heard of lots of things for mouth noise. Stay hydrated all the time, because it takes at least 2 hours before your tissues absorb the water, or something like that. Listerine (sounds drastic). Tums. Salivert, an artificial saliva. Sounds gross, but it works. Honey for a raspy throat. A friend of mine swears by Bengal Spice tea with honey and apple cider vinegar for throat phlem. There was a whole discussion on VO BB once about what folks use when they sound nasal. Now I have Breathe Right strips in my medicine cabinet. And protein water works great in a long session around lunchtime. Luckily I mostly work at home, so I can keep all this stuff around. But I carry a big bag of tricks when I have to do a session in Portland!

Another whole category of remedy would be around how to avoid getting sick, and how to get rid of colds ASAP. But that’s another topic, or several.


Kitzie Stern is a voiceover actress, musician, wife, mother, producer & host of the New World Kirtan weekly podcast. She grew up in Philadelphia, has lived in London & Tokyo, and now resides in Oregon. Kitzie has voiced hundreds of commercials and narrations for television, radio, and e-learning — her clients include the National Park Service, General Mills, Disney, Hawaiian Airlines, WebMD and many others.