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Kitzie Stern is a voiceover artist who speaks from her heart. Her voice conveys trust, wisdom & compassion, inviting her audience to listen and feel at peace.

Kitzie’s voice has been heard in hundreds of commercials and narrations for radio, television, and documentaries. Her clients include the Campaign to Re-Elect Senator Patty Murray, the Campaign to re-elect Senator Jon Tester, Commission for the Las Vegas Centennial, Cleveland Clinic, National Park Service, General Mills, Disney, Hertz, Hawaiian Airlines, WebMD among many others.

Kitzie also narrated a narrated a five-part documentary on the history of the City of Las Vegas that was commissioned by the Commission for the Las Vegas Centennial – this film series now has almost 9 million views on YouTube.

Kitzie was recently nominated for two Reed Awards:

Best Use of VO Talent in a TV Commercial

Best Use of VO Talent in an Online Video

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Kitzie can take on any genre, but her true passion lies in narration. A natural storyteller, it’s the genre she finds most fulfilling.

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Kitzie Stern Narrator and Voice Over

Musician, wife, mother, hospice volunteer & producer, Kitzie brings a wealth of life experience to the table that gives her a unique advantage as a voice actor. She easily connects with a variety of audiences – especially the retiree community, who responds well to her calm and reassuring sound. Kitzie also hosts her own kirtan music podcast called the New World Kirtan Podcast. It has well over one million downloads, and is one of the most popular platforms for the international kirtan community.

A resident of Corvallis, Oregon for almost 40-years, Kitzie lives in the declared Heart of the Valley and works from her professional-grade home studio. She grew up in Philadelphia, and has also lived in London and Tokyo. Outside the booth, you can find Kitzie off reading a good book or in the kitchen cooking up something delicious.

Get right to the heart of what matters to your brand by going straight to the source – Kitzie Stern, bringing heart and healing to listeners everywhere.

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