We Are Better Than This

I’ve been doing voiceover for over 25 years, and never once in my career did I ever seriously consider doing political ads — until the 2016 election. Like many of us, that election woke me up. I am now part of an outraged wave of women voters who feel called to use their talents to help birth another vision of our country & world. One that is positive. Compassionate, Inclusive. I’d like to lend my voice and talents to help advance this vision, one that pulls us toward being a better version of ourselves. We are better than our current political situation. I’d like to be a part of changing it.

Commercial Demo

Recent Work

During the 2018 Midterm campaign I voiced three ads for Senator Jon Tester (D, Montana) and they were used throughout his successful campaign for re-election. I also did political ads for Senator Sherrod Brown (D, Ohio), two for Senator Dean Heller (D, Ohio), Representative Ben McAdams (D, Utah. He defeated Mia Love) and several for Planned Parenthood Votes. I also did VO for the Arizona Corporation Commission and for Defend Oregon, voicing against ballot measures 103, 104, 105 & 106 — all were defeated. Click here to listen to more recent work.