Getting Out of the Basement

 March 5, 2008
Posted by Kitzie Stern

I know this is a common ailment these days, but I have trouble getting out my front door. There’s a whole, wide world out there. . . not to mention fresh air. But there’s a whole world in here too, and it’s tempting to stay in and “interact”. Anybody else?

I have several things that usually get me out the door. I’m involved in Zonta, and I exercise. Nothing like a walk and a good audiobook. I have several other passions, but the one on my mind today is City Club of Corvallis. Is that not a great concept, a city club? A place where citizens can get together and talk about things together, in a civil manner (meaning no fist-fights). It’s on my mind because I’m on the steering committee and we have a meeting on Thursday, hence thoughts of the agenda.

But I digress, back to getting out the door. No matter what door it is, getting out it is important. Go interact. Talk to people. Sit in the sunshine. Pet a dog. Zonta and City Club are two of my things. What are yours? Would love to hear about them.