Voiceover Culture

 April 27, 2008
Posted by Kitzie Stern

The other night I was sharing some VO trivia with a friend of mine, and realized that so many people don’t really know what VOs do. There are so many funny pieces out there that illustrate our world, and I thought we should have them in one place for easy reference. And what better place than my blog? So, I’m going to post the ones I know about, and other VOs out there, if I’ve missed any post it here.

Here’s one of my favorites, Five Guys In A Limo. And this is a classic-Hal Douglas (one of the great names in VO) doing the trailer for The Comedians. More classics, Blooper’s Soap, and out-takes of Orson Wells in a VO session. Here’s a great one if you have some time, the entire cast of the Simpson’s on Inside the Actor’s Studio. I’ve watched this so many times I can quote dialog. Here’s the hilarious session with William Shatner.

Here are some holiday classics. One of my favorites of all time, Santa’s Session From Hell. And this is a fun one, with famous voice actors reading The Night Before Christmas.

I know there are more out there. If you have one, post it here. And as I find more, I’ll update the blog.