Bye Bye Palm

 May 13, 2008
Posted by Kitzie Stern

I have been using a Palm Pilot since I forget when. My Palm has been my constant companion for a lot of years, has held important details of my life, addresses, calendar, games and books . . . lots of books. On my last phone upgrade I did a bunch of research trying to decide between Palm and Blackberry. I ultimately decided on the Palm Treo because of all those applications I had accumulated over the years, not to mention the books. And it would sync with my ACT contact database.

What a difference a year and a few months make. I’m no longer using ACT (another traumatic change), and because of a glitch in the Palm software I can no longer sync it with my contacts & calender. In fact, it loses contacts when I sync, and I won’t discover it until I go to make a call. SOOO frustrating. So today, my phone upgrade arrives, and it’s a Blackberry. Goodbye Palm OS.

Now here’s hoping I can read my books on the Blackberry. Or on something else, maybe Kindle? I’m sad to say goodbye to an old friend, but I’m about to discover a new one.