Hello Again

 December 23, 2009
Posted by Kitzie Stern

Well . . .  at that point over a year ago I decided to move the Kitzie’s Voice blog to Blogger–the reason why now escapes me.  Then Blogger (and Google) lost this blog, and several months of content, and has been unable to find it despite numerous emails to various support entities at both organizations–damn your eyes Blogger & Google!.  Then during one foray into trying to get this mess solved, I stumbled upon my old blog–and its content–on Feedburner–way to go Feedburner!   So now I’ll be gradually posting my old content on this new/old blog, and dissing Blogger & Google whenever possible in the process.

It’s the Holidays, so I think I’m going to go a bit out-of-order and post My Mom’s Pizzelle Recipe first, as that one was really popular last year.  It’s nice to be back, I missed posting about the crazy world of voiceover.