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Love at First Read

 August 1, 2019
Posted by Kitzie Stern

Did I ever love narrating this script! The story of the early days of Las Vegas has it all, with intriguing and colorful characters as well as details I never knew about the beginnings of this great city. To my surprise, while reading the script I became aware it was a lot like narrating an audiobook, although certainly shorter. Entertaining as I read, I was reminded of reading stories like this to my boys when they were children — I’ve saved all the books we’ve read together and they are well worn. Do you save mementos like that too?  

Seeing the script come to life with the excellent production of Jennifer Boyd was really a treat. I got to know these characters well from narrating their stories. Music from the era married with photos depicting how and where they lived elevated the story to new heights! This narrating job was BIG fun, and has inspired this new page and demos highlighting the documentary narration work I enjoy. I hope you’ll listen and then please consider hiring me to be your storyteller. It’s work I am truly passionate about. 

Click Here for video clips with my narration on The City of Las Vegas: The Early Years.