• Reed award finalist

On Being Nominated for A Reed Award

 March 17, 2023
Posted by Kitzie Stern

Voiceover is a unique profession — most people aren’t even aware of its existence. While voiceover artists love to act, they’d rather do it from a soundproof room with an expensive microphone instead of on a stage. Over the years I’ve voiced hundreds of commercials and narrations, and I passionately love what I do, but last month something momentous happened. I was nominated for two Reed Awards: Best Use of VO Talent in a Television Commercial and Best Use of VO Talent in an Online Video. The Reed Awards are the Academy Awards of Political Advertising, so this is, as they say, a BFD.

I discovered political advertising late in my career. From my first spot for Jon Tester’s campaign in 2018, I was hooked on political voiceover. In 2022, I voiced several commercials for Senator Patty Murray of Washington. One of the commercials, specifically the one below, was nominated for a Reed Award.

Professionally, nothing has topped the moment I watched Senator Murray accept the gavel as President pro tempore of the Senate. As I watch Senator Murray and Senator Tester vote for legislation I believe in, I feel happy and proud. Playing a small part in successful political campaigns for candidates I stand behind has motivated me to further develop my communication skills. This work is rewarding on so many levels.

Voiceover is an essential component of political advertising, delivering the message in a powerful and engaging way. No matter how much I like staying out of the spotlight, being recognized for hard work and accomplishments by my peers is incredibly satisfying. There’s a sense of validation and pride, and after all these years, I have to admit it feels grand. I am honored to be among the finalists in the two political voiceover categories at the Reed Awards this year.

I look forward to the awards ceremony with great anticipation. Best of luck, everyone!